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Women’s Lace Style Korean Trench Coat.


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A “Korean Trench Coat” typically refers to a trench coat that is influenced by or designed in a style commonly associated with Korean fashion. Korean fashion is known for its unique blend of modern and traditional elements, often emphasizing clean lines, innovative designs, and attention to detail.

Trench coats, in general, are classic outerwear pieces characterized by a double-breasted front, a belted waist, and various details such as epaulets and storm flaps. They are versatile and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

When searching for a Korean trench coat, you might be looking for one that incorporates elements of Korean fashion trends. This could include specific design features, fabric choices, or stylistic details that are popular in Korean fashion at the time.

To find a Korean trench coat, you can explore Korean fashion brands, both online and in-store. Many international fashion retailers also carry styles influenced by global fashion trends, including those from South Korea. Online marketplaces, fashion blogs, and social media platforms can also be helpful in discovering the latest Korean fashion trends and finding the right trench coat for your preferences.

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Light Blue, yellow, Green


Standard Size


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