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Animals Onyx Clocks

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If you’re interested in Onyx clocks with animal themes, you have a variety of options to choose from. Onyx clocks can be both functional timepieces and elegant decorative pieces. Here are some ideas for Onyx clocks featuring animal motifs:

  1. Onyx Clock with Animal Silhouette:
    • Look for a clock where the Onyx is carved or etched with the silhouette of your favorite animal. This minimalist approach can add a touch of nature to your decor.
  2. Animal Engraving on Onyx Frame:
    • Choose an Onyx clock with a frame that features detailed engravings or etchings of animals. This can be a visually striking and artistic choice.
  3. Animal-Shaped Onyx Clock:
    • Consider a clock made from Onyx in the shape of your favorite animal. Animal-shaped clocks can be whimsical and add a playful element to your space.
  4. Wildlife Scene on Onyx:
    • Explore Onyx clocks that depict scenes of wildlife. This could include a forest with animals, a savannah, or an underwater scene, all beautifully engraved or painted onto the Onyx.
  5. Animal Figurine as Clock Stand:
    • Look for Onyx clocks with an animal figurine as the base or stand. This can add a three-dimensional aspect to the clock while showcasing your love for animals.
  6. Animal Print Onyx:
    • Opt for Onyx clocks with patterns resembling animal prints. This can be a subtle and stylish way to incorporate an animal theme into your decor.
  7. Colorful Onyx Animal Clocks:
    • Choose Onyx clocks with vibrant colors that represent different animals. This can be an artistic and eye-catching addition to your space.
  8. Multiple Animal Motifs:
    • Some Onyx clocks feature a collection of different animal motifs on the face or the frame. This eclectic style can be a conversation starter.
  9. Personalized Animal Clocks:
    • Consider clocks with personalized elements like initials, names, or important dates alongside the animal motif.
  10. Matching Decor Items:
    • To create a cohesive look, pair the Onyx animal clock with other decor items featuring similar animal themes, such as wall art or figurines.

When choosing an Onyx clock with animal motifs, pay attention to the quality of craftsmanship and the overall design. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of animals, an Onyx clock can be a distinctive and elegant addition to your home or office.


Product Description:

1 onyx apple candy jar white Onyx hand carved kitchen dinning decor gifts
2 High polished surface finish
3 100% hand carved design ideas by the natural stone blocks
4 creates a stylish,natural look in your kitchen office drawing room hotel etc
5 Available in any size to suit for your space

Product onyx apple candy jar white Onyx hand carved kitchen dinning decor gifts
Materials Natural Onyx Stone.
Colors Green Onyx , Green Onyx , Multi Green Onyx , green/ red Onyx
Suitable for Kitchen, Office , hotel and Outdoors
Finished Polished,Honed,etc
Dimension: Dia 4 “, 6 “, 8 “, and 10 ” OR Custom

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